Kathleen Bio Picture Welcome! I’m thrilled to take this opportunity to open the doors of Origami and You! My passion is sharing the magic of origami through teaching, community events, window displays and gifts for all occasions.

I began folding in elementary school and am still amazed to think what can be created with paper. As a licensed teacher who taught Spanish for 18 years, I’m now following my paper dreams!

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In fourth grade I was introduced to the magic of a piece of paper. My school held a morning of workshops; I chose calligraphy, microwave-cooking and origami. My schedule took me to origami first. I still recall the excitement I had entering that room, seeing the instructor in a kimono and the glorious display of origami models. I was so taken with this new art form that I skipped calligraphy and microwave-cooking to stay and learn all that I could! This clearly explains my lack of cooking skills and my horrible penmanship.

I folded throughout the next 15 years learning what I could from library books. Close friends enjoyed my folding but I was, for all practical purposes, a lone folder.

It was when I moved to Phoenix, AZ, that my folding story began to grow. It was a time of turmoil for me and a dear friend asked me, “what has always brought you joy?” My immediate response? Origami. The internet was just becoming popular at that time so I searched and found a local group who gathered monthly and welcomed me for 7 years. It was here that I learned of OrigamiUSA and THE convention in New York.

I moved to Minnesota and immediately connected with the local folding group. Eventually I became the organizer/contact person of my local group. I have held this role for 6 years. In 2009 I attended the Origami USA (OUSA) convention in New York for the first time. It was such an amazing experience meeting other folders, learning the history of origami in the United States and seeing how people were applying origami to other careers. My head spun the rest of the summer.

I continue to attend OUSA each year. I have also attended Centerfold Origami Convention in Ohio, Pacific Coast Origami Conventions (PCOC), the Vancouver Convention, the AEP Convention in Zaragoza, Spain and in Barcelona, Spain, and the Cali, Colombia Convention. I presented workshops in Zaragoza and New York and I was one of the foreign special guests in Colombia. In April 2015 I taught an on-line class for OUSA.

I have a degree as a Secondary Spanish teacher and taught Spanish for 18 years. Though I loved the teaching part of my 18-year career, I resigned in August 2014 to following my bliss and share the magic of paper-folding! I love children and interacting with people.

In June 2015 I was elected to the OUSA Board of Directors. I believe it is a wonderful way for me to give back to the origami world that has truly helped shape my life.


When I think of Origami the words creative, challenging and joy are the first that come to mind. There are however, researched benefits of origami.

Origami is mentally and physically stimulating. It involves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and mental coordination. Using your hands directly stimulates your brain. Origami is therefore commonly used in many rehabilitation and therapy sessions.

Imagine this: Both your hands are active, both hemispheres of your brain are firing, you are engaging the tactile, motor and visual areas of your brain. Your memory, non-verbal and verbal skills, processing and thinking are all stimulated while doing this one activity – ORIGAMI!

There is also tremendous satisfaction that comes with doing origami after you complete a model, whether it is simple or one you’ve been trying to complete after many tries. By origin, origami is symmetrical therefore it is relaxing, meditative and very satisfying to many folders.

Quick Reference: Benefits of Origami

Increased attention / concentration Patience
Behavior skills
Increased memory
Hand-eye coordination
Cognitive development
Spatial relations
Cooperative learning
Multi-cultural awareness